Saturday, September 28, 2013

Web-ful of Beauty

As most expert web developers and practitioners put it, the design of a website is the art and beauty of it.

I can't probably argue with that. Indeed, when I visit a certain site, I most of the time settle on it when the background and theme is kind of inviting and fun. Well maybe most of you subconsciously do this too. Of course it's better to surf and search and read if you like what you are looking at.

That's why I'm here to help you out. I've got like, a handful of tips regarding good web designing which can most likely assist you as you plan your own.

First and foremost, choose good and suitable colors. Actually, the biggest percentage of a website's design is actually made up of colors. That's why you need to choose wisely with this. You can perhaps make a little research about the meaning of colors or the psychological effects of it. I'm quite sure that can help you a lot. You can either stick with some of the familiar color schemes or look for some fresh and out of the box ones.

Next, make sure that you will balance the percentage of texts or articles on your page. A better website design would only give you 50-70% space for your texts. The other parts should be dedicated to the designs, photos, logos, adverts (if any), etc. Please don't make your webpage look like an old newspaper.

Lastly, plan the photos and logos which you will upload on your site. This is definitely part of your website design so carefully lay them down. Just make sure the images you will put there are basically not copyrighted and original to avoid trouble.

Let the beauty of your site become one of its strongest points -- that's the art of web designing.

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