Sunday, August 18, 2013

That Stylish Essence

Do you perceive the contents as always the most important thing for a website? Think again. That's not always the case.

Aside from the blogs and the photos and the other contents of a website, its web design is also a very significant matter. For some categories, this factor is not that important. But I guess most websites in the world wide web need this.

Web design is practically the first thing that a net surfer or an online customer would notice. All the colors, texts, designs, and arrangements of everything inside it are parts of this factor. And because of that, this part can really attract the attention of people visiting the site. The design can give the visitor that ambiance which is like love at first sight. Let's face it, the skin of a webpage can add to a visitor's decision to stay on that page and even explore it further.

Aside from that, web designing has also something to do with the optimization of the site to the search engines. The placement of links, codes, and other internal stuff is also part of the whole design of it. There are certain strategies about search engine optimization which can really help in terms of marketing your website. So it is indeed important to take note of the relevance.

This website design thing is also a secret towards achieving an accessible page. By strategically placing tabs, texts, photos, and even feeds anywhere in your page for the sake of your target visitors, you can make it more likely an easy-access site.

Web design is not practically the most important factor as well. But indeed this is one of the most significant, most especially for commercial and personal sites. So plan ahead and start sketching your own stylish and strategic website design.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Milking The Cow: The Grumpy Cat Coffee

Yes, I am writing about this because I am a cat-lover. I love cats so much that they come first before my own welfare. Whenever I buy my groceries, which aisle do I visit first? The one that holds all the wet cat food of course. And I've started buying fancy cat milk for The-Furry-Jerk-That-Likes-To-Bite-My-Toes-When-I'm-Sleeping, even if sometimes, I barely have enough money to buy a carton of regular milk for myself. But I digress...

So apparently, famous internet kitty Tarder Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) is now selling refrigerated coffee drinks. Because, you know, there’s nobody more reliable in the coffee industry than a cat from the internet that looks like she’d marinate her litter-covered paws in your coffee when you’re not looking...that is, of course, if she wouldn’t concoct her own brown liquid goodness inside your sneaker, if you know what I mean.

I. Am. Not. Even. Joking. Here's what TIME has to say about this mess.

As much as I love Grumpy Cat (who wouldn't love that angelic face?), I can't help but feel betrayed by her humans. First, because Grumpy Cat is a product of the internet—let her stay that way, unless they're really eager for her 15-minutes of internet fame to end. After all, the fastest way for a meme to die is for it to become too exposed (Rickroll? Antoine Dodson? Pants-on-the-ground Guy? Anyone?) And as a self-proclaimed Internet Cat Specialist, I do believe that sooner or later, people will get tired of Grumpy Cat know, they keep seeing her every-freakin'-where. 

Heck, even That-Dude-From-The-Other-Vampire-Show (I'm a True Blood kind of girl, sorry) wanted a photo with her. 

Second, what kind of booze were Grumpy Cat's humans drinking, because there's no way a person in his right mind could connect his pet cat to starting an overpriced coffee business. Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they were coming up with this business scheme. I’m not saying that Grumpy Cat can’t sell merchandise; I just wish they came up with something that can truly embody Grumpy Cat’s nature. Like shoe insoles made of Lego pieces. Or lima beans—I sure as hell haven’t seen anyone look happy when eating lima beans. 

So if you ask me if I’ll buy Grumpy Cat’s coffee goodness? No thanks—I’m already poor from perpetually buying that fancy cat milk for my own feline overlord.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Fab Facade

Fashion, runway, fab, Paris, house interior... WEBSITE?

I guess you are getting the point of the first five words on my introduction. It's all about style and designing. But the website thing? Yes, it is also a part of it. It's one of the newest trends today in the world wide web.

You got that right! Even the internet has this fab side too. It's called website design. Since there are lots and lots of bloggers and web programmers appearing around the world almost every single day, it's not kind of surprising why people came up with a new concept for a growing industry.

Web design is the skin or the main theme. Web designing is a manner to develop and maintain a specific website. Regardless of its niche, services or products offered, and contents, a web builder must know how

to put up a good design on his or her site. Actually, this is one of the factors which can either make or break a website. So if you are somewhat interested to invest on your own site, then you really have to learn the significance of this thing.

Perhaps most of the internet savvy people in the whole world already have some ideas about this. But in behalf of those people who haven't heard the term before, or at the very least, have heard the term but not that familiar about it, this has also different areas. I will not explain them one by one, but I will site them all. First is the web graphic design, next is the interface design, and lastly, the authoring (which has something to do with source codes and search engine optimization or SEO).

Web designing can be made by either an individual or a team. It can also be done by either a professional or a non-professional. You can even do it on your own. After all, website design is not that complex. With just some good research, patience, and a heart to learn, you can do it.